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NJ 100% Home Financing

You’ve worked hard to maintain a good credit rating. Paying your bills on time and budgeting wisely, but the dream of home ownership is escaping you. You just have not been able to save the down payment.

You may be in luck. There is a home loan program that is specially designed to fit your needs and circumstances. The interest rates are very low and it covers about 90% of New Jersey’s suburban areas.

You may not have heard about this mortgage program before because there are limited people in the mortgage industry who will utilize this program for your benefit. A great majority of mortgage professionals do not even know this home financing option even exists.

It isn’t VA. You don’t have to be a veteran. It’s USDA!

Here are some of the benefits:

1) 100% Financing for a Single Family Home Purchase.

2) Low Fixed Interest Rates.

3) Loan is backed by a Government Guarantee.

4) No Prepayment Penalties.

5) Seller May Pay up to 6% of Your Closing Costs.

6) Closing Costs may be financed into the loan up to the Appraised Value.

This Loan Allows for True 100% Financing, Even the Closing Costs!

This loan is designed borrowers who have not been able to save the necessary down payment for a home purchase. This is often caused by rent interfering with the ability to save sufficient funds or just the everyday cost of living and raising a family.

It is also designed for low to moderate income borrowers. A borrower is considered to have moderate income if it does not exceed 115% of the area median income. The amount of people in your household is also considered in this calculation. You may make well over $100,000 and still qualify under certain circumstances.

This link will take you to our short form application:Quick and Easy Online Application. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

We will gladly answer any questions, or you may email us at: for more information, or call 732-207-8434.

Here is a link to the areas in New Jersey that are covered by this program:New Jersey USDA Lending Areas.

You Deserve to be a Proud Homeowner!

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