203K Renovation Loans

An FHA 203k loan will allow a prospective buyer to compete with the “all cash” investor. An FHA 203K loan allows for necessary repairs to a property that would not otherwise qualify for bank financing.

FHA 203K financing is also available for current homeowners to make property repairs or upgrades.

There are 2 types of FHA 203K loans: Standard and Limited.

A standard 203k is used for a property that needs structural repairs, or if the repairs will exceed $35,000. Normally a certified HUD plan consultant will be used for work cost estimates. A HUD reviewer makes the paperwork a lot easier because the average contractor will not be familiar with the documentation. The reviewer just allows for a smoother flow, but the HUD reviewer will generally not do the repairs.

A limited 203K is the best loan if no structural repairs are necessary and if the scope of work is $35,000 or less. Up to $8,000 of energy efficient improvements may be added to a streamline 203K in excess of the $35,000 limit. The contractor usually prepares the estimate on this loan. The paperwork is less so it can easily be done with without a HUD plan consultant but the written estimate must be detailed.

A standard FHA 203k and a limited 203K will allow for the use of multiple contractors if that is your desire. You may have a contractor that specializes in flooring, and another that is a licensed plumber. This is allowed, but written estimates must be obtained from each.

The normal process flow is as follows:

  • Find a home and make an offer.


  • If the offer is accepted, chose your contractors and get written work estimates. When a HUD plan consultant is used they will prepare the estimates and paperwork.
  • The contract, repair estimates, and necessary paperwork are delivered to a qualified 203k lending specialist. (We are qualified specialists.)
  • A mortgage application is prepared.
  • The work estimates are given to the appraiser. The appraiser will prepare an appraisal with a value “subject to” completion of the work.
  • The loan is underwritten and approved.
  • The seller is paid. You are the new homeowner.
  • Work begins.

The contractors will have up to 6 month to complete the necessary repairs. Of course the repairs can be completed sooner. It will depend on the amount of work requested or required. They will be paid in increments as the work is done and inspected.

If there is a lot of required work, a full 203k has a provision where you may remain in your current home with no mortgage payments due while work is ongoing.

If you have more questions or need additional assistance on a New Jersey FHA 203k loan:

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