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Hey Mark how r u doing…I officially moved in last night and I am so happy. I could never find the words to let u know how grateful I am for having u through this process and for being such a great friend…I look forward to seeing u soon and hopefully meeting ur family because in the summer time we will b having a get together and u are all invited sort of a house warming party and a bbq @ the same time…once again Thank You from the entire Morales family…we will always be eternally grateful to you… ——–

Terresa and Michael Morales


Hello I just wanted to let you know that we are all doing just fine. We are enjoying our new home and just wanted to keep in touch and say Thank You for everything that you did for us. Without you our dream would not be possible.

Mr. & Mrs. Mercado



It was such a pleasure talking to you today. In the short time we’ve spoken I’ve gotten more information than I have speaking to lawyers, realtors and mortgage brokers over the last two years. It’s comforting to know there are still experts in their field that are willing to really educate the consumer.
I look forward to working with you soon



It is my great pleasure to recommend Mark Robinson to any and all persons out there that are looking to purchase and or refinance a home.

As a realtor for the last 20 years I have seen and met many mortgage loan officers but Mark Robinson stands out way “above the crowed.”

Mr. Robinson’s unbelievable knowledge of both government and conventional loans is an asset to anyone looking for a home loan .

Mark makes the loan process like “a walk in the park.” If you wish to know the loan options available out there and what it take to get a loan fast in America today just give him a call.

You will be glad you did

Gil Zitzer


I consider Mark a mortgage miracle worker as he saved many transactions that fell apart right before closing. I also like Mark for his frankness and fairness.

If Mark says you will get the mortgage, you know you can rely on him. He follows up with the client and with me, even when there is nothing new to report. He goes above and beyond.

In short Mark gets the job done, period.

Janice Hall (Realtor)


Mark comes with my highest recommendations. He is always looking for new ideas to assist his clients.

I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”.

You would be doing yourself a favor to align yourself with Mark as I have.

Respectfully Submitted,
Carl White


I met Mark Robinson 3 years ago. He helped me through fixing my cedit.

He then guided and assisted me to get a mortgage and purchase my cozy home.

Now he just helped me reduce my monthly payments by more than $300. Informed, detailed, and thorough. That’s who Mark Robinson is.

Thank you Mark!

Ample Smith


Dear Mark,

Pierre and I are writing to say THANK YOU for all you did to help us going through the home purchase process. We really appreciate the time and patience that you showed as well as the individualized attention.
There were times we were ready to give up and you told us to hang in there. Well we did and we could not be more happier with our new home.
Thank you so much for making our American dream possible for us.
If we ever know of anyone who is searching for a home, we will be more than happy to recommend you.
You are the Best!
With kind regards,
Bernadette & Pierre

Mr. Robinson,

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and kindness throughout my refinance process. It was a blessing and honor too work with someone of your stature and kindness. I have been very blessed with some people whom have walked into my life, such as Sharon, but even more blessed to be to have her blessings passed on to me, such as you. You did an outstanding job and made the process extremely easy, I never even thought about it or felt like I was even refinancing because you made it that easy. So once again, thank you so much, your a great asset to your company. God Bless.
P.S. please feel free to forward this to your superiors. Have a great day!

I first spoke to Mark on December 28th regarding a mortgage loan. The application was approved within a short time with the closing date of date of February 5th. This illustrates how quickly and efficiently Mark is able to process a mortgage loan application from the initial application to closing.

Mark made the process look so easy and much simpler than I had anticipated. He provided me daily feedback on the status of the loan application and/or additional information or documentation required for the process. Sometimes the update were even twice or three updates a day. He was always available via both email and telephone to answers all questions and inquiry. Mark also had a very good rapport with my real estate agent and attorney.

However, in order to appreciate the efficacy of how Mark works you as an applicant should have all necessary documentation  and also be ready available  to keep up with the updates from Mark.

My family and I are so glad to have found Mark as a mortgage broker.

Joseph Brew


In 2016, I became a first time home buyer.  There is so much work to manage behind the scenes before and after purchase.

Mark Robinson played a pivotal role in my current home purchase. He ensured that I was pre-qualified for home before visiting a potential residence.  Often times, he would go beyond the call of duty to answer my inquiries about potential mortgage rates,  monthly payment and any benefits of selecting loan types.

During the middle of the process, he sat with me to explain each document that required my signature and sometimes answered the same questions four times.   Marks patience and diligence helped with me securing a decent interest rate and lowering my monthly mortgage payments.

I would highly recommend Mark’s services if you are looking to secure a loan for a home purchase.

Thank you Mark!

A happy customer….Toni


Good morning Coura/Mark,

Nancy and I would like to thank you for your patience and seeing us through the process. We are still settling in and getting used to waking up in our new home.

Best wishes,
Joel and Nancy

In June 2016 I signed a contract to rent a home for $2500, luckily before the landlord responded my friend asked me why was I renting instead of buying?

I explained I had a short sale almost two years ago and was told I cannot buy until it was 2-3 years from the date my house was sold.  She mentioned, “Call Mark” and proceeded to give me his information.

I was hesitant but I thought, “Hey it’s worth another try” and contacted Mark. Mark requested my documents and in days responded to me to start looking at homes to purchase! Not rent! Purchase!

I thought I was dreaming! He walked me through the whole process and made sure I understood everything I was signing and/or agreeing to.

Two months later I am in my new home! I will forever be grateful!

Thank you Mark for making my dream come true!



He is the best at what he does. A pleasure to work with and an all around good person .

Torrie H.